Spring 2015 Newsletter

Posted on June 01, 2015

Dearest Reader:

This is my favorite time of year as Director and Professor! The week of graduation reminds me of all the work we have done to help our fabulous students meet their educational goals and of the illuminating conversations we have had with them along the way.  Our graduates come to us with news of their jobs and acceptances to graduate school. And, our other majors inform us of their summer plans. Their optimism is inspiring and I am honored to stand as a witness to their progress. From bright-eyed first year students to hopeful seniors, they will always be ours: members of the AADS community.

Over two hundred students attended CACE, our annual conference this year. Read ahead to learn more about the presentations made by our majors, minors, and students enrolled in our courses. Others of them attended our Conversations with the Community. To build their leadership skills and stay engaged with issues related to African Americans, the AFS Club was visibly active again this year.

Our Special Topics courses, as usual, show our interest in educating students about a variety of issues that meet their interests. Tiffany Atkins, an alumna and practicing attorney taught a “Race and Law” class for the first time. Students had the opportunity to review law cases, write briefs, and visit Elon Law School. While she was a student at Elon, Tiffany regularly shared her experiences with hopeful law students at UNCG. I appreciate her dedication to her alma mater and that of other alumni. Lastly, in response to the movement now being called the #BlackSpring, I taught #BlackLivesMatter, a course that reached capacity within a few hours of being posted to the schedule in December.

I hope you enjoy our Spring 2015 newsletter and that you will feel encouraged to become further involved with African American and African Diaspora Studies at UNCG.

Looking forward,


Tara T. Green, PhD

Professor and Director

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