Program History

The African American and African Diaspora Studies Program at UNCG (AADS) has grown from two classes in 1982 into a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum which now offers a major, minor, and graduate certificate.

Chronology of Program Development:

1982-83 Black studies offered as a “student-designed” minor.
1986 First offering of Black Studies Specific courses: BKS 100 Blacks in America; and BKS 110 Blacks in American Society: Social, Economic and Political Perspectives.
1990-91 Black studies introduced three experiemntal courses. BKS 200 Afro-American Art History; BKS 210 Afro-American Literature and Liberation; and BKS 220 The Portrayal of Afro-Americans in Art and Film.
1991-92 Additions to African American Studies Core Curriculum. BKS 200 was approved as a core program course and BKS 493 as an Honors course.
1992-93 The Black Studies Program changed its name to the African American Studies Program
Fall 2002 Began to offer bachelor’s degree in African American Studies
Fall 2009 Began to offer Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate


Past directors: Dr. Lee Bernick, Dr. Ed Bell, Dr. Willie Baber, Dr. Angela Rhone, Dr. Frank Woods, Dr. Tara Green
Current Director: Dr. Cerise Glenn

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