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Why Major in AADS

Better yet, African American Studies can fit into almost any plan for future graduate study! Although law, medical, and graduate schools sometimes require or recommend a specific list of undergraduate courses as prerequisites to admission, the majority do not restrict their prospective students to a particular undergraduate degree. In fact, almost half of today’s medical students are non-science majors, and law schools rarely require any specific undergraduate courses.

The important thing is for AADS majors to educate themselves about the graduate programs they are interested in and to make sure to pick up any required courses as part of their plans of study. Majors should also utilize the services of Career Services to prepare for career placement. Learn more about graduate and law school options by visiting the AADS Career Preparation page.

The AADS Program at UNCG includes course offerings from eleven different departments and programs, including Art, Anthropology, Dance, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, and Women’s & Gender Studies, in addition to its own AADS classes. The innovative curriculum offers courses that provide critical study on contemporary issues, such as hip hop culture, race studies, and pop culture.

AADS majors get extensive insights into the diversity of Black cultures and history and a thorough exposure to a wide range of perspectives on race and ethnicity, which are unquestionably important elements in today’s world. Majors graduate with a solid understanding of the experiences and contributions of peoples of African descent in the Americas and the Indian Ocean World both. They are prepared for leadership in a range of fields.

In short, the AADS Program has great courses, great teachers, great students, and is a great start on the path to a satisfying career, whether you choose law, medical, or graduate school or head directly into the working world.

Add AADS to your curriculum!

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