Fostering interdisciplinary study by examining how people of African descent have shaped our world.

As a program located in a city with a history of Black sociopolitical movements, AADS provides a forum to engage the complexities of Black life across African diasporas.

The AADS Program at UNCG advances the university’s commitment to diverse perspectives and inclusive learning environments through course offerings, programming, and community engagement.

Eleven different departments and programs provide courses for the AADS major, including Art, Anthropology, Dance, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, and Women’s & Gender Studies, in addition to our own AADS classes.

The innovative curriculum offers courses that provide critical study on contemporary issues, such as hip hop culture, race studies, and pop culture.

I really like how, in the AADS program, The way that African history is uncovered in the world is a very untraditional way… it’s through oral tradition, and ways that history is not conventionally shown. so we look at art, we look at laws.

-Kendal Walker, UNCG AADS Student

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