AADS Student Awards | African American and African Diaspora Studies

AADS Student Awards

Winners of the Awards are announced at the AADS Semester Graduation Ceremonies.

Information due to AADS office no later than Monday deadline at 4:30 pm.

African American Studies Student of the Year – deadline: 3rd Monday in April 
Student must be an African American Studies major or minor, have a 2.7 or better GPA, and have a demonstrated record of service to African American communities or groups. This may be demonstrated through an internship, student organization activities, or other volunteer work. Students are required to submit a letter of nomination from a person familiar with the applicant’s service work. The letter should describe the work performed, the length of time performed, and the quality of the applicant’s performance.

Outstanding Graduating Senior – deadline: 3rd Monday in November and April 
Student must be an African American Studies major (first or second) and have a 3.0 or better GPA. In addition to these criteria, preference will be given to a student who has consistently engaged in African American Studies related activities, on and off campus (e.g. Served as a student ambassador, helped with planning of an AFS event, participated in CACE, etc.). Students must submit a letter of nomination from an African American Studies professor who can speak to the applicant’s dedication to African American Studies. Students must also submit a 250-350 word essay describing why he/she feels deserving of this award.

Outstanding African American Studies Student Essay – deadline: 3rd Monday in November and April
Award given for a paper written on an African diaspora subject. It may be a course paper and can only have one author. Essay must be 8 or more pages. Preference given to papers written in an AADS core or elective course. Submit paper with a cover sheet, which includes writer’s name, name of course, telephone number, and email address.

Study Abroad Program
Stipend of $100.00 or more given to students who are accepted to a UNCG Study Abroad program. Once accepted, contact the Program’s Director.