AADS Ambassadors Program: Apply Today! | African American & African Diaspora Studies

AADS Ambassadors Program: Apply Today!


The AADS Ambassadors Program gives students the opportunity to pair their academic knowledge with professional development. The purpose of the AADS Ambassadors Program is to provide majors who are enthusiastic about African American and African Diaspora Studies to communicate their pride with others, to meet professionals, and to receive mentoring from the Program’s Director.


  • 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Must have taken AADS 201 and attended at least two AADS sponsored events
  • Must have a flexible schedule (some events occur on Saturdays and some on weekday evenings)
  • Must be familiar with the AADS program, i.e. Conversations with the Community, CACE, etc.
  • Must have ability to take direction and willingness to develop communication and leadership skills
  • Be registered as a full-time student


AADS Ambassadors assist with recruitment of potential students, help with the organization of events, and represent the majors’ perspectives and experiences at special events, including those where alumni, administrators, and potential donors are in attendance. More specifically, AADS ambassadors assist with both on- and off-campus recruiting events. They also assist the Director by serving as a liaison between the Program and the students, providing ideas for ways to recruit students, and by assisting with the organization of a student-centered event. Ambassadors are often asked to take part in the AADS Graduation ceremonies and are expected to participate in the Program’s annual conference. They are the first choice to represent the Program at regional and national conferences.

Benefits for AADS Ambassadors:

  • Provides opportunities to meet alumni and other professionals
  • Provides an opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills
  • Provides majors with an opportunity to strengthen professional skills
  • Provides majors with an opportunity to build their resume

How to apply:

To become an AADS Ambassador, majors must meet the qualifications above. In addition, applicants must complete the application below and write a 150 word letter of application describing why the applicant is an AADS major and why he/she is interested in becoming an AADS Ambassador. Based on a review of materials, an interview will be scheduled with the AADS Director. Applications can be found HERE. All completed applications along with the 150 word letter must be submitted via email to AADS Program Coordinator at aads@uncg.edu