Intern with AADS | African American & African Diaspora Studies

Intern with AADS

William Andrew CampbellBird LogoThe Program strongly encourages AADS majors and minors to become interns. Students will have the opportunity to work with AADS main office for event planning, networking, promotion and learning design related techniques for marketing. Interested students will need to complete the prerequisite courses, inquire directly with Dr. Morrissette, take part in an interview, and a candidate will be decided afterwards. These experiences allow students to expand their academic knowledge by engaging in practical experience.

See below for current opportunities or contact the Program Coordinator at to discuss options and to enroll in the course.

492 Internship in African American Studies (1-6:0:3-16)
Prerequisite Courses:  ADS 201, 210; ADS 376, ENG 376 or 374; ADS 356, HIS 301 or 389
Prerequisite Courses for AADS minors: AADS 201, 210, and two AADS-related courses
Interns must show 40 on-site hours each semester for each s.h. of credit sought.

Other opportunities exist with local law firms, non-profit organizations, museums, and other local businesses. Practical experience at sites serving populations of people of African descent. Two semester meetings with Program Director. Students must complete 8 to 15 hours per week at site.

Guidelines & Expectations (form to complete is included)