AADS Strategic Plan | African American and African Diaspora Studies

AADS Strategic Plan

Learning Goals

To provide engagement with African American and African diasporic identities that acknowledges race, gender, sexuality, class, religion and region as intersecting categories.

Develop critical intellectual skills in defining various aspects of cultural and historic expression within the African diasporic experience.

Engage with issues of social justice as they impact upon people of African descent.

Explain the effects of racism, sexism, colonization, and class disparities on Africana people and the ways they have responded to these issues.

To develop a global perspective of the making of African Diasporas and to analyze the cultural diversity of Africana people.

Strategic Plan for AADS 2010-2015

  1. Ensure that AADS majors have opportunities for high-level accomplishments
    1. The AADS program will provide at least two “high-impact” experiences, as suggested and defined by the AAC&U, per year.
    2. AADS will seek funding to support undergraduate and graduate students participation in academic and professional activities.
    3. AADS majors will be encouraged to actively engage with the disciplinary Honors College.
    4. All AADS majors will have access to career advising and career exploration experiences at least once per academic year, to help them to formulate post-graduation goals.
  2. Continue to expand the research profile of the Program by increasing the development of and visibility of faculty research and scholarship.
    1. AADS will establish appropriate indices of success in interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and creative activity.
    2. By 2014, Program will apply for no less than 2 external grants.
    3. The Director will work with Development officers and the Dean to establish a Distinguished Professorship.
    4. Program faculty will develop a Masters program by 2015.
    5. The AADS Program will request at least three lines to seek tenure-track and tenured professors with promising or established scholarly records.
    6. AADS will strive to become a nationally and internationally recognized department.
  3. Enhance the availability of undergraduate and graduate on-line courses
    1. By 2011, the Program will offer on-line courses for the Graduate Certificate.
    2. By 2011, the Program will offer at least 1 200-level course online.
  4. Continue to provide opportunities that will enhance students’ knowledge about Africa and people of African descent globally
    1. The Program will work with the International Studies Program to send at least 1 AADS major a year to study abroad.
    2. The Program will work to host International Fellowship Scholars and Fulbright recipients.
    3. The Director will work with Development to increase funding support for study abroad.
    4. By 2014, the AADS Program faculty will develop at least 2 African diaspora courses.
    5. Beginning 2011, AADS will offer 1 global course each year to enhance the Program’s curriculum and the University’s international/global curriculum.