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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in African American Studies

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About the Graduate Program

Students will engage the significance of race, gender, and class in America and develop theoretical, historical, and political foundations in the study of African Americans. Our cohort of professors and scholars from various academic backgrounds teach each course. The program provides support to students wishing to pursue African American and African Diaspora Studies at the advanced graduate level.


The UNCG African American Studies Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program is available to currently enrolled graduate students at UNCG, as well as community members with undergraduate or graduate degrees in any field. We especially encourage those in education, business, non-profit organizations, and social services to apply.

Admission Requirements


  • At minimum must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and must have been admitted by The Graduate School.
  • Students already enrolled in a UNCG graduate program do not need to reapply for graduate admission, but must apply for admission to this program.
  • All applicants must complete a two-page statement (approximately 500 words) describing why they are interested in pursuing a Post-Baccalaureate certificate in African American Studies, fill out an application form, send two letters of reference, and pay the non-refundable application fee.
  • GRE is not required.

For description of certificate program, consult the graduate bulletin.

Why Study the African American Experience at UNCG?

  • Students who complete the program often pursue careers in education and law.
  • UNCG is one of the most diverse schools in the UNC system. It has a total graduate student enrollment of approximately 3,000 students, representing 33 states and 34 foreign countries, across over 100 graduate programs. Students engage in campus life as well as community service.
  • Numerous thought provoking events happen on campus each semester that lead to further knowledge strengthening and networking opportunities.
  • Greensboro is home to seven colleges and universities. Students are an important part of the community at large and have opportunities to network across campuses.
  • Greensboro has a rich history of social movements. The city is perhaps best known for the student sit-ins of 1960.
  • Greensboro continues to have a vibrant, diverse and engaged political, cultural and social life. The downtown area is populated by numerous restaurants, clubs and bars, as well as the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. Numerous grassroots activist organizations around the city continue to engage residents in efforts at political change.
  • Greensboro was the first city in the United States to use a Community Truth and Reconciliation process to deal with past oppression and violence.


Students enrolled exclusively in this post-baccalaureate certificate program are not eligible to apply for federal financial aid. If you are enrolled in a degree-granting program concurrently, you may apply for financial aid through that program.

Course Information for Graduate Certificate Program

Students enrolled in the AADS Graduate Certificate Program must take the following core course
(3 hours)
AFS 610: African American Theoretical Perspectives African American Studies (online)

Electives (12 hours) :
There have been a variety of classes offered during the Fall, Spring and Summer terms for the Graduate Program. Students in the program can take a total of three electives that could be offered out of the list below:

  • AFS 554 Black Populism in the New South (online)
  • AFS 650 Topics in African American Gender Studies (online)
  • AFS 652 Topics in Black Performance Studies (online)
  • AFS 653 Perspectives on the African American Experience (online)
  • ART 501 Topics in the History of Art (varied offering times)
  • ART 618 Topics in the History of Art (varied offering times)
  • ENG 650 Modern Literary and Cultural Theory (varied offering times)
  • ENG 663 Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Theory (varied offering times)
  • ENG 705 Cultural Studies (varied offering times)
  • ENG 729 Postcolonial Literatures (varied offering times)
  • ENG 730 Studies in American Literature (varied offering times)
  • ENG 735 Studies in African American Literature
  • ENG 737 Studies in Multi-Ethnic American Literature (varied offering times)
  • ERM 645: Culturally Responsive Approaches to Research and Evaluation (varied offering times)
  • GEO 522 Seminar In Population and Urban Studies (varied offering times)
  • HIS 502 African American History: Selected Topics
  • HIS 520 Southern History: Selected Topics (varied offering times)
  • HIS 546 American Cultural History: Selected Topics (varied offering times)
  • HIS 581 African History
  • HIS 710 Colloquium in the Atlantic World (varied offering times)
  • HIS 715 Atlantic World: Selected Topics (varied offering times)
  • HIS 712 Slavery in the Americas
  • HIS 713 African Americans after Slavery
  • HIS 723 Selected Topics in Nineteenth-Century United States History (varied offering times)
  • MUS 625 Music and Culture of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • MUS 638 Exploring Musical Cultures (varied offering times and written permission required)
  • MUS 663 History of Jazz (varied offering times)
  • PSC 520 The Urban Political System (varied offering times)
  • PSC 620 Urban development Policy (varied offering times)
  • SOC 526 Comparative Minority Relations (varied offering times)
  • SOC 628 Social Movements (varied offering times)
  • SOC 643 Urban Society (varied offering times)
  • SOC 651 Criminology (varied offering times)
  • WGS 650 Feminist Theory: Intersections of Gender, Race and Class (varied offering times)
  • WGS 651 Feminist Research Analysis (varied offering times)

If you have any questions about a specific class, who taught it or when the class will be offered again, feel free to contact AADS at

Below are links to the official UNCG Bulletin of the Graduate Courses offered in this program, a print-ready brochure and an application to apply:

Listing of African American Studies Graduate Courses

Post-Bacc Brochure

Application to the Graduate School

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